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I have a Black Scandiphone. (The white looks too white, the red looks like a sex toy you forgot to put in the drawer and the Swedish Green was nil stock).

Stylish and the beuty lies in it's simplicity. I now find I am REMEMBERING peoples phone numbers again. It also works during a power cut which came in handy over Christmas.
The volume at the ear piece is a little quiet, however that could be me...
It's suprisingly comfortable to use if you hold it towards the base "like a cricket ball" rather than a dumbell.

I love my Scandiphone, it's a conversation piece and if you want to cause a bit of a stir, get a red one and place it on a windo ledge....

Posted by Drew  •  2nd January 2014

Price: £41.95
The ScandiPhone is based on the unique upright phone that was introduced in Europe in the mid 1950's. Smaller and lighter than anything available at the time, the unusual one piece design was a fine example of form and function in harmony. The push button version was introduced in 1967. In 1973 the Phone was selected to be part of the New York Museum of Modern Art's Collection, in recognition of its significance as a piece of good design in the 20th Century.

Phones are compatible in the EU. Please contact us for further information on compatibility outside the EU.

Please note this phone is not wall mountable.